Curriculum Vitae – Two Scary Words

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Curriculum Vitae – Two Scary Words

There's no shortage of news reports about the oil price crash we’ve been living with the last couple of years. I live in Aberdeen and it's not pretty. Every day there are reports of more and more redundancies.

Facing Redundancy?

It's not just oil workers that are feeling the squeeze. It is having an impact across the board, in all walks of life. People are tightening their belts and spending less. Companies are having to make cuts, and that includes their headcount. Some people being made redundant have been in their jobs for decades. Reaching out to recruitment agencies and potential new employers can be a very daunting prospect. I bet some of these people haven’t even seen their CV’s for a long time.

Get it Right

Curriculum Vitae. For some, those are two very scary words. It is vital that you get your CV Just Right. If your CV has spelling errors or is too life-story like, the chances are it will go straight in the NO pile. Your CV is basically your introduction to a company that needs a bum in a seat. This is your First Impression, your chance to stand out in that pile of paperwork. Your CV needs to be in tip-top shape. This is true no matter what you do for a living. If you’re not confident you can get it right, I’m sure you’ll find someone on Task Junkies who can!


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