Carpet Cleaning the Easy Way

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Carpet Cleaning the Easy Way

I share a house with a toddler and animals. It never feels like my house is squeaky clean, even if all I do is clean some days.

Carpet Concerns

You can wipe down surfaces, clean skirting boards, bathrooms, doors and flooring until your heart is content but the things I feel like I can never get clean enough are the carpets. If I had my way I'd have wooden flooring all the way through but that would seriously displease the animals, and it's their home too.

Don't Buy a Carpet Cleaner

We've tried buying the do-it-yourself carpet cleaners but we've successfully managed to break every single one of them. Or we forget to empty it and you get that grotty sour smell next time we use it. Yuck! I am done with them. They are more trouble than they are worth in my opinion. And let's not even get into having to find somewhere to store the bulky thing! I'll happily admit I have never even attempted to use one on the stairs (because I'd probably do myself a serious injury) and that's probably where we need it used the most. This is definitely a task for Task Junkies!

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