Takeaway Cravings

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Takeaway Cravings

Have you ever sat at home in the evening, feeling hungry and visiting the fridge every ten minutes in the hope that inspiration will strike you?

Be honest, all that you really want is a McDonalds or a KFC! But they’re either too far away, the kids are in bed or maybe you’ve had a beer or wine and can’t drive.

You flick through Facebook, trying to take your mind off it, only to see every second post is a picture or video of food, friends showing you their latest takeaway.

What’s that all about?

Here are some ideas to help you get through the evening:

Type all the items in your fridge into a recipe maker website and hope for a miracle… You’d be amazed at what you can make with spinach, ham, a potato and out of date tomatoes!

Use leftover potatoes to make wedges – slice them up, sprinkle with oil, salt and paprika and cook them in the oven. Very tasty.

What about a quick and easy pizza? Take a wrap or a pitta and top it with tomato puree and grated cheese and pop it under the grill.

If you have any wraps left, cut them into triangles, brush them with oil and bake them for a few minutes to make your own tortilla chips.

If you’ve got a few pieces of fruit, cut them up and put them on a skewer, drizzle with honey and put them under the grill.

Pancakes are actually very easy to make – all you need are eggs, flour and milk, and your favourite topping.

If all else fails, try asking for someone to pick up your takeaway on Task Junkies. Get your favourite takeaway delivered, on your lap without leaving the house and for a fair price too.


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