Wrapping Christmas Presents

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Wrapping Christmas Presents

Most of my Christmas presents are bought and hidden in various places around the house. My shiny rolls of wrapping paper are ready. I love wrapping presents. At least, I used to, when I had the time.

Present Perfection

Wrapping presents used to be such a satisfying task. I’d become a bit of a perfectionist. Paper nicely lined up with no bumpy bits or misaligned tape, tied up with some pretty ribbon.

Then I became a parent. Last years presents looked like they had been wrapped BY my child. It pained me. I simply did not have the time I needed to dedicate to it. The paper was chucked on and folded over at speed, with a bit of tape here and a bit tape there.

This Year it will be Different

I cannot give presents in that state again. I was mortified. If I can't find the time to do it this year, I plan to auction if off to someone who can do it properly. There must be plenty of Task Junkies out there who enjoy it!


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