Summer Cleaning Tips

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Summer Cleaning Tips

After work, hot summer days are designed for relaxing with a beer, yes? After all, these days are few and far between. More often than not, the sun prefers weekdays to weekends, and refreshing the weather forecast page every few minutes doesn’t make the sun suddenly appear.

Hello Sunshine

Although I love the sun outdoors, away from the house, indoors is a different story. When the sun goes down, my house looks so clean and dust free that I could eat my dinner off the kitchen floor! However, when the sun comes up, WHAT THE… Where. Did. All. That. Dust. Come. From?? The black shiny TV unit still has “clean me” written on it from the last time my friend was round (thanks a lot mate!).

Then there’s the heat indoors, our house was not built with air con. Let’s face it, it’s hardly worth it for 3 days of hot sun every year. Who can sleep in that heat? Covers on, off, on, off, on, off, all night long, as Lionel Ritchie would say.

Endless Gardening

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Magically fast! I swear after cutting the grass, before I reach the back door it needs done again! Then, you spend hours weeding the slabs at the weekend, and by the following weekend another growth spurt! Don’t ever go on holiday, you will come home to a jungle. This is why dogs are made with a spring in their hind legs, so they can jump above the overgrown weeds and find their way home.

The internet is full of hacks, I have tried many of them, anything for an easy life. To come home from work and grab a beer instead of the marigolds would be a dream. However, I’ve had more hack disasters than hot dinners! I should have listened to my Granny.

Granny’s Advice

My Granny never used to buy cleaning products, her house was always clean and cool, and her garden always tidy. Here’s what she used to do:

  • Dust be gone. Good old hosiery! Grab an old pair of pop socks or cut up an old pair of tights, stick your hand in it, fabulous anti-static duster that actually works. Put one over your brush to do floors. Very effective! Who would have known!
  • Cool down your bedroom. Keep the blinds/curtains closed during the day, don’t let the room heat up and open a window at night to let the cool night air in. If still too warm, fill your water bottle and freeze it, put it in a pillow case at your feet. Finally, no cuddling till the trees are bare, I said the trees!
  • Weed control. Mixing white vinegar with washing up liquid makes a chemical free weed killer. Don’t use it on your lawn though, it’s not choosy!

Personally, the last thing I want to do after a hard days work is house and garden chores, I’m more a beer and wine person. I will be posting that task on Task Junkies.

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