Why I Hate Ironing

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Why I Hate Ironing

To quote one my good friends, "Ironing is a tragic waste of time".

It's true though, isn't it? Unless you are one of those rare people who actually find it enjoyable.

Ironing can be Therapeutic

I find that hard to grasp but apparently it's true! Some people find it soothing. I guess I can see where they are coming from. The task has a clear beginning and end. There might just be a sense of achievement at the bottom of that basket. And it is one of those jobs that can be done while you are standing in front of your TV catching up on the latest popular box set, sipping a glass of Prosecco.

Take my Ironing Pile

Like I said, I can understand, but I certainly can't relate. I hate it. My ironing board is virtually a cupboard ornament. It only ever sees the light of day when I’m cleaning out said cupboard. Poor thing. Task Junkies is welcome to my ironing pile!

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