Lawn Mowing Mayhem

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Lawn Mowing Mayhem

Summer 2016 marked the first time I had ever operated a lawn mower. Pretty shameful for someone my age really.

Fast Growing Grass

My partner was away with work, and a few days into his trip the grass decided to grow by about 6 inches overnight. It was a trip hazard for little people! We have a heavy petrol mower and I couldn't even get the thing out of the shed, never mind actually cut the grass. So what’s a girl to do? Phone her Dad, of course! And round he came.

Getting Started

I thought I should at least feign interest - rather than just let him get on with it – so I asked for a shot. I couldn’t even get it started. Dad had to do that for me. Then I couldn’t even move The Brute! Dad introduced me to a handy little lever that makes it go ALL BY ITSELF. Yikes! I nearly got pulled off my feet. I’m pretty sure I actually screamed. Then there was the heat. It was scorching outside and walking behind that mower made it feel like the temperature had doubled.

The Brute then needed to be emptied. I wasn’t up for that. That was another task for Dad.

Find a Lawn Lover

Never again will I go near that mower. Ever! And I’m sure my Dad wished I had simply stayed out of the way and let him get on with it. Fear not, Dad. For when that time of year comes round again, I'll auction the task off to a local lawn mowing expert! They can even use The Brute if they want to!


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