Flat Pack Assembly the Easy Way

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Flat Pack Assembly the Easy Way

There are two standing jokes about British men that I’ve never been able to get on board with.

Firstly, British men will not ask for directions when lost. I think my other half was born with some kind of internal satellite navigation-type instinct. He always seems to know where he’s going! We've never been in the position where we’ve had to ask for directions. My Dad is the same. Ask him where a street is and he's like a talking map.

Secondly, they are unwilling to use instructions when building flat pack items. I believe this causes many an argument in homes up and down the country. The assembler is confident they know what they’re doing, the spectator not quite so confident. Bring on the bickering.

Not in Our Home!

This is not a true reflection of what goes on in my home, because my significant other is a joiner! He can look at the picture on the box, look at the bits of wood and the gazillion mental bits and bobs and he just knows. It blows my mind. I'll admit there have been times when I've sat anxiously looking from him to the discarded instructions then back to him again, hoping it isn’t going to go horribly wrong. But he never messes it up! Never! I’m pretty sure he even gets some satisfaction from building them.

The Big Build

Last spring we bought our son a playhouse for the garden. It has 3 swings, 2 slides, a climbing wall and upstairs/downstairs playing areas. It’s HUGE and it comes flat pack. The store we bought if from were hiring out a couple of guys to build it, for a tidy sum of £500! There was no chance my other half was letting someone else build it on his turf! (And certainly not at that price!) So he did it himself. In the pouring rain. It took him about 12 hours to build it and I swear I only saw him look at the instructions in the very beginning, and even then, only to sort the wood and 60+ bags of nuts, bolts and screws into sensible piles to speed things up. 12 hours may sound a lot but a few weeks later, there was another one being built in our street and it took that guy almost 4 days to do it!

Next time you’ve got something that needs to be assembled, save the arguments and the time and find someone on Task Junkies to do it for you. You might even be lucky enough to end up with my other half!


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