Having lived in our home for a number of years, we have accumulated a fair amount of clutter. Some of it sentimental, some of it just-in-case-we-might-need-it and some of it because we simply haven't got round to getting rid of it yet.

February 22 2017

Takeaway Cravings

Have you ever sat at home in the evening, feeling hungry and visiting the fridge every ten minutes in the hope that inspiration will strike you?

There are two standing jokes about British men that I’ve never been able to get on board with.

I share a house with a toddler and animals. It never feels like my house is squeaky clean, even if all I do is clean some days.

There's no shortage of news reports about the oil price crash we’ve been living with the last couple of years. I live in Aberdeen and it's not pretty. Every day there are reports of more and more redundancies.

Most of my Christmas presents are bought and hidden in various places around the house. My shiny rolls of wrapping paper are ready. I love wrapping presents. At least, I used to, when I had the time.

December 12 2016

Lawn Mowing Mayhem

Summer 2016 marked the first time I had ever operated a lawn mower. Pretty shameful for someone my age really.

December 11 2016

Why I Hate Ironing

To quote one my good friends, "Ironing is a tragic waste of time".

It's true though, isn't it? Unless you are one of those rare people who actually find it enjoyable.


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